Justin Quintanila . The Loud House movie Robin Thicke as Lincoln Marie Loud Paula abdul as Starlight Glimmer Meghan trainor as Lori Loud Bradley cooper Bugs Bunny Demi Lovato As Leni Loud Ed Helms as Daffy duck Michelle Rodriguez as Luna Loud Will smith as Scamp the dog Lucy Flu as Luan Loud And chris Wedge as Scrat Lucy Liu as Luan Loud Amadea Seyfried as Lynn jr Loud Margot Robbie as Lucy Loud

Milla Kunis as Lana Loud

Emma Stone as Lola Loud

Hana mae Lee as Lisa Loud

Dakota Fanning as Lilly Loud

scarlett Johnson as Rita Loud

Byan cranston as lynn Loud Sr

Spencer Fox as Dash Parr

Sarah Vowell as Violet parr

Craig T Nelson as Bob Parr

Holly Hunter as helen parr

Tom Holland as Clyde McBride

Charles as Hugh Jackman

Cliff as Ben Kingsley

Geo as Mark walton

Walt as Jamie Foxx

Patton Oswalt and Eric Stonestreet As max and Duke

Steve Carell as Gru

Kristen wiig as Lucy

Miranda Cosgrove as margo

Elsie Fisher as Agnes

Dana Gaier as Edith

celine Dion as Tron Bonne

Sarah Silverman as Vanellope von Schwartz

Robin Williams as Genie and Albert

John Cleese As Carl Frederick

Justin Timberlake As Ollie Allen Pack

Anna Kendrick as Cleo

J balvin as Bernie

Beyonce as Dahlia

Sza As Piper Allen

Julie Andrews as Ellie Fredricksen

Willy William as C.W

Gina Carano as Queen Chrysalis

Ed Skrein as Elmer Fudd

Kevin Hart as Marvin the martain

Robert Downey Jr as Barry The Tiger

Eric Ladin as Doctor Dastardly

Fred Armisen as Roobots

Alec Baldwin as Kevin

Michael J. Fox as Stuart

Nathan Lane as Bob

Steve Zahn as Mel

Flo Rida as Dark Spyro

Pierre Coffin as Minions

David Koechner as Dag The coyote

Tom Hanks As Classic Sonic

Tim Allen as Classic Mighty And Ray

Will Forte as Chester V


Amy Poehler as Joy

Linda Larkin as Jasmine

Joan Cusack as Classic Sonia

Shia LaBeouf as The Once Ler

Mike Nawrocki As Larry The cucumber

Paula Rudd as Filk The Ant

Fred Armisen As Roobots

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