SM64 Bloopers: Smexy Soccer, more often simply called Smexy Soccer, is a Super Mario 64 Bloopers and Justin Quintanilla's 7th video overall. In this blooper, Mario tries to stop Bowser Jr and his gang from monopolizing a soccer field in a town called Smexy Town (or Smexy Land), so that two kids, Bobby and Goombs, can use the field themselves.


SMG4 Bloopers Smexy Soccer


A car appears and shows Mario driving it and Peach tagging along. Mario complains about Peach wanting to be kidnapped for the fifth time of the month. As Peach explains, Mario just ignores, they drive to SMEXY Town. Mario runs over a Koopa and then crashes into a wall (Peach tries to warn him, but didn't listen). The car is set on a blaze and Peach leaves to get Toadsworth. Mario then complains that he has saved her and never got to "spank dat ass". Seconds later a soccer ball comes and knocks Mario out. Two people, Bobby and Goombs looked at Mario and sees if he is okay, but Mario didn't say a thing, thinking that he is asleep. Mario wakes up and tries to eat the the two little children. Bobby asks Mario is he wants to play soccer with them. Mario starts kicking some soccer balls and is angry when he scores. He charges and delivers a super powerful kick which makes the ball go on fire, go through the goal and hits an old man, which sends him flying into the space.


Team All (Gay) Star

Mario Mario



Luigi Mario



Tommy Cadle


Melba Manners




Team Giga Koopa

Bowser Jr





King Bob-omb

Piranha Plant

Other characters

Princess Peach (only appears at the beginning)

Lakitu (2 cameo)

Announcer (possibly Angry Indian Guy)

Toad (2 cameo)

Koopa Troopa (2 cameo)

Rex (cameo)

Minions (2 cameo)

Roger Rabbit (Voice only)

Dave The Minion (cameo)

Stuart The Minion (cameo)

Old Man Hobo (3 cameo)

Roprinplup14 (cameo)


Smexy Town (also called Smexy Land)

Smexy Town soccer field

  • Wario's Microgame Emporium (mentioned as "Wario's Microgame Mania")
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