SM64 Bloopers: Shy Guy Showdown, more often simply called Shy Guy Showdown, is the 8th Video released by Justin Quintanilla,


SMG4 Bloopers Shy Guy Showdown


In this video, Mario is being chased by FM54321 for stealing his lunch, and after being launched into a bag of weed, he is confused for a Shy Guy and is transported into a Shy Guy town, where he finds out Awesome Guy is plotting to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. Now Mario has to escape before it's too late.




Mario Mario

Shy Guy



Toadette (cameo)

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro (cameo as a Baby & Future)

Minions (cameo)

Dinko (cameo)

Gumpers (cameo)

Swanky (cameo)

Flip (cameo)

Scruffy (cameo)

Toads (cameo)

Old Man Hobo (2 cameo)

Chef Pig (cameo)

Awsome Guy (first appearance)

Super League of Gay Guys

Assassin Guy (first appearance)

Awkward Guy (first appearance)

Crazy Guy (first appearance)

Steve (as Steve Guy)

Shy Gal

Frankie (cameo)

Yoshi (cameo)

Trevor Troublemeyer (cameo)

Terence (cameo)

Kevin The Minion (cameo)

Bob The Minion (cameo)

Stuart The Minion (cameo)


Phineas Flynn (cameo as a Future)

Olaf (cameo)

Todd (cameo)

Maurecia (cameo)

SMG4 (cameo)


This episode seems to be the "origin" story of the Toast Shy Guy, as the end mentions it's "how he met [his] wife", which was a piece of toast.

  • Mime The Angry Birds Movie He Says "Oh My Goah!"
  • Coincidentally, end with a character saying, "And that's the story of how I met my wife."
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