Ross the Freckled Pig

Ross From The Angry Birds Movie

Ross Original

Ross, the Freckled Pig, is the main protagonist of the Bad Piggies, he is a basic Pig the player controls in the game Bad Piggies. He is a Minion Pig, but with freckles, whom sports a talent for creating and piloting vehicles. He usually reacts to how you control the vehicle. Also he will be frightened or enthusiastic. Ross can propel gray wheels, fans, propellers, spring-loaded boxing-gloves- and suction-cup wheels.

Ross also appears in Angry Birds, in the Bad Piggies Episode cut-scenes.

Ross also appears on Angry Birds Epic as Prince Porky where Wiz Pig (Chef Pig) & himself tries to steal the eggs for King Pig with a troops of Minion Pigs.

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