After a portal teleports the Walt Disney cast from Mickey Mouse's House to the real world, Justin's house fills with all sorts of chaos. Getting everyone back home proves a difficult enough task on its own; in the meantime, Justin has to deal with the characters' antics. Coming In January 2019.



Mickey Mouse

Justin Quintanilla

Minnie Mouse

Donald Duck


Snow White

Jiminy Cricket


Tinker Bell

Winnie The Pooh


Princess Jasmine




Buzz Lightyear

Shy Guy

Fa Mulan




Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

Agnes Gru

Kevin The Minion

Stuart The Minion

Bob The Minion

Vanellope von Schweetz

Lincoln Loud

Old Man

Chuck McFarlane

Narrator (cameo)

Steve (cameo)

Br'er Rabbit (2 cameo)

Zazu (2 cameo)

Anthony (Justin's Brother)

Animals (3 cameo)

Mr. Bluebird (cameo)

Mater (cameo)

Melba Manners (cameo)

Dinko (cameo)

Belle (as a plush doll)

Simba (as a plush doll)

Wreck-It Ralph (as a plush doll and Toy)

James P. Sullivan (as a Toy)

Mike Wazowski (as a Toy)

Heimlich (as a plush doll)

Lightning McQueen (as a Toy)

Chuckie Finster (as a plush doll)

Dory (as a Toy)

Nemo (as a Toy)

Lumière (as a plush doll)

Reptar (as a plush doll)

Violet Parr (as a Toy)

Cindy Lou Who (as a plush doll)

Anna (as a plush doll)

Elsa (as a plush doll)

Olaf (as a plush doll)

Flik (as a plush doll)

Felonius Gru (as a Wall Sticker)

Margo Gru (as a Wall Sticker)

Edith Gru (as a Wall Sticker)

Rex (as a Wall Sticker)

Hamm (as a Wall Sticker)

Mel The Minion (as a plush doll)

Jack-Jack Parr (as a plush doll)


Inverters Are Coming 2019

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