Chuckie Finster

Baby Chuckie Finster

Charles Crandall Norbert "Chuckie" Finster, Jr. is the best friend of Tommy Pickles and acts as the series' deuteragonist (in Rugrats In Paris: The Movie, however, he serves as the protagonist). Chuckie's mother Melinda died from an illness when Chuckie was a few months old. In Rugrats in Paris: The Movie, his father, Chas was going to marry Coco, an evil woman who hates children, and tries to get Chas to fall in love with her, but in the end, Chas fell in love with and married Kira, Kimi's mother. His beautiful new mother is loving and caring, just as his father. Chuckie also has a puppy named Pepper (also known as Sparky) and a poodle named Fifi. Chuckie was 2 years old in Rugrats, 12 years old in the All Grown Up! pilot episode All Growed Up and in the All Grown Up! series itself.

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