APRIL FOOLS is somewhat of an April Fools' Day bait-and-switch video, made by Justin Quintanilla,



.Plot Summary

Mario is apparently filming an exercise video in the Castle lobby: he opens the blooper asking the viewers if they are ready to Mario-cise. Just as he is about to begin the workout, however, SMG4 runs on-screen and punches Mario to the ground with a punch. Large text is edited in, reading "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!"; at the same time, loud music and an explosion from out of the blue prompt several random characters to appear and start dancing.


Mario Mario


Steve (cameo)

Teletubbies (cameo)

Tubbie Wonka (cameo)

Wario (cameo)

Waluigi (cameo)

Red (cameo)

Chuck (cameo)

Bomb (cameo)

Minions (cameo)

Hamm (cameo)

Old Man (cameo)

Bowser (cameo)

Eggman (cameo)

xboxfan997 (cameo)

FightingMario54321 (cameo)

Genie (cameo)

Eric Needles (cameo)

Trevor Troublemeyer (cameo)

Kitty Ko (cameo)

Vana Glama (cameo)


  • This is the shortest video to be uploaded to SMG4's own channel at 12 seconds long.
  • At the start of the video, an annotation warns viewers to turn their speakers down due to the random loud music.
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